Smart Teens Global

A Platform For Raising Passionate Teenagers Into Fulfilled Experts

About Us

Who We Are

About Us

SMART TEENS GLOBAL is a platform aimed at developing passionate teenagers into becoming fulfilled experts globally within the space of seven (7) years by taking them through a professional career assessment, linking them to trainers, companies and mentors for skills training in their line of unique careers, internship and mentoring.

Our Vision

To develop passionate teenagers into becoming fulfilled experts globally

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What We Do


Career Assessment

Our Assessment helps you know the best career that fits you, what career skills you need to focus on and what life skills to get; so as to become a fulfilled expert.


Our trainings get you in contact with the best trainers in the fields resulting from your assessment. You also get your trainings at subsidized rates.


You get access to institutions (firms, companies) that are in the line of your acquired trainings and provide you with the necessary experience to become a fulfilled expert.


This is a community where group mentoring and coaching are experienced between smart teens and mentors worldwide.

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