Founder's Welcome Address

I am happy to have you read this note of mine.

The Pain Of An Unfulfilled Man.

I understand you may be a teenager, youth or parent but I am hopeful that you will see a reason to connect with the vision of Smart Teens Global thereby raising a new generation of fulfilled experts in all legally right career paths. It’s been a journey of over 3 decades and endless stories of young people struggling to see their dreams come through.

Men depending on who they know to become who they want yet discovering that who they thought they wanted to become is not who they are really meant to be and what will make them fulfilled in life. I know a story of someone who I once asked, why he remains a corporate vehicle driver. He said that was always his dream.  He had always seen His uncle who was then the richest in his family return to the village from the City as his hero every Yuletide season. His uncle was a driver in a multinational company…

He is now featuring in the picture of the future he saw and fulfilled… though he wished he knew better. Hold that thought! Though you may quickly judge that that life is too poor, he now has a happy family with a house of his own in Lagos, his vehicle, his side business and his job. But let me share with you his journey:

  1. He had a dream 
  2. He knew what the dream was specifically.
  3. He started learning the skill in his teenage years.
  4.  Get opportunities to experiment and test their skills in organized institutions irrespective of their age
    and politics of their society thereby gaining work experience while …
    5. Getting connected to mentors who help them live appropriately in the future they have always
    That is our goal.. …Sustainable Education
    ….Reduced Poverty
    ….Educated Society
    ..Through Fulfilled Experts In Every Home Globally.

Join Us Today, Be a part of this movement for sustainable transformation as a Partner/ Sponsor/Mentor/Employer/Trainer/Student. Thank You

Joshua Oshowo

(Dean, Smart Teens Global)